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Prime Time Club Cinema - Digital Screening
The Royal Connaught Boat Club launching Digital Screening for their Members
Activities performed at Royal Connaught Boat Club
The basic aim of RCBC is to provide an excellent infrastructure for aquatic sports. Pune, which is a sports lovers paradise, was thus an ideal location. Over the years, the Club recognised the need to incorporate other activities under its aegis. The Club today offers with a wide variety of sports for its members.Boating activities have gained an unbelievably humongous momentum in the recent times
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Billiards :

The Air Conditioned Billiard Room with two tables is found to be the most sought after place in our Club.
Info. Sheet
Type Billiards Playing Charges
Members : Free 
Guests :  Rs. 93/- Plus GST  -  per head per hour
Table Tennis :

RCBC believes in fun and frolic for everyone.With this aim, the Club has borne in mind the need to entertain the members by installing a Table Tennis table. This facility is very popular with our junior members and the child members. In June 99, the club had organized a Table Tennis tournament which was a major success. This facility is open to members from 8 am to 11 pm.
Cards :

Our members always feel the need to relax a little after putting in long hours at work.The Club has provided a card room just for this purpose. The plush interior induces a soothing feeling, far from the maddening crowd. This facility is open for the members from 11 am to midnight.